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i just want to walk together with you
Recent Entries 
24 Oct 2014 - Sleepyhead
Lu Han/Yixing | au, canon | pg-13 | 5128 words
In which there are different lifetimes, and Lu Han would always end up finding the same guy passed out on a couch in each one.

( It takes Lu Han about two minutes and a half to safely retrieve his white coat under a sleeping boy on the couch. )
Title: Standing on the Train
Pairing(s): LuLay/LayHan
Genre: Slice-of-Life
Rating: G
Summary: They stood by the exit unsure whether to move away or hold on to each other. Luhan wanted to hold on.

[ "A silly part of me wished I had held your shoe hostage." ]

title: clothes do not make the man
word count: 1575
rating: pg-13
summary: Lu Han shall not go shopping alone is EXO's first commandment.

(No blood bath allowed, no blood bath allowed, no blood bath allowed"Hurry the fuck up, Lu Han.")
04 Jul 2014 - [exo] stay and wait.
|| luhan x yixing, sehun x yixing | pg | angst, romance ||
warning: #HowToGrammar // disclaimer: no copyright infringement intended whatsoever.
summary: there's nothing else i can do.
a/n: continuation to this.

HERE \o/
|| luhan x yixing, minor implied sehun x yixing | pg | friendship, romance, angst idek anymore ||
warning: #HowToGrammar // disclaimer: no copyright infringement intended whatsoever.
summary: too late, i'm too late.

here <3
27 May 2014 - can i love you
|| luhan x yixing | pg | romance with a hint of angst ||
warning: #HowToGrammar // disclaimer: no copyright infringement intended whatsoever.
summary: luhan finds the person who makes him stop running.

here :)
times are looking grim these days
pairing: luhan/yixing
words: 2250.
rating: pg-13
summary: retrouvaille(noun); the joy of meeting or finding someone again after a long separation; rediscovery.

"promise me, we'll meet again."
|| luhan x yixing, minor baekhyun x yixing | pg | romance, angst ||
warning: #HowToGrammar // disclaimer: no copyright infringement intended whatsoever.
summary: yixing promises two different things to two different people. different, but also the same.

Title: #rude - the super true story of how delulu survived kindergarten.
Pairing: luhan-centric; layhan; ot12 silliness
Genre: crack/friendship/kindergarten!au
Rating: G
Length: multi-chaptered; chapter one: 2,000 words
Summary: Luhan is a seventeen-year-old white girl trapped in the body of a five-year-old Chinese boy attending some Korean boarding school, struggling with confessing to the love of his (short) life, battling the filthy clutches of a certain Wu Yifan, escaping the grubby fingers of a flaming homosexual, and meeting the demands of Jongdae and his lollopop mafia. He also has a thing for hashtags. #dontjudge

( one - #nolice )
20 Dec 2013 - Sweater Season
Title: Sweater Season
Pairing: Layhan
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, fluff
Length: drabble wc: 517
Summary: In which Lu Han gets feelings over Yixing in sweaters.
A/N: or alternatively the drabble where annie projects her feelings onto Lu Han
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