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i just want to walk together with you
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|| luhan x yixing | pg | romance, fluff ||
warning: #HowToGrammar // disclaimer: no copyright infringement intended whatsoever.
summary: even when huang zitao isn't in the picture, luhan still gets jealous.
a/n: same verse as this. i'd suggest reading that first.

Luhan struggles to sit up and points a finger accusingly at the younger male. “You’re still not over him, are you?” he pouts. “That’s why you won’t agree to marry me and be my queen right? Admit it Zhang, Kim Jongin has been seducing you behind my back, hasn’t he?”
|| kid au! luhan x yixing | g | fluff ||
warning: #HowToGrammar // disclaimer: no copyright infringement intended whatsoever.
summary: 10 year old luhan wants to make nine year old yixing his queen.

“When I grow up, I’m going to make you my queen,”

"Have you seen a boy queen before?”
Title: Everything in Transit
Pairing: LayHan
Word Count: ~2,300 words
Summary: Abandoned at the age of 5, Luhan is intent on ruining his birth mother’s life, even if it includes taking away everything her adopted son Yixing has.
Length: Chaptered

prologue | o1 | o2 | o3 | o4 | o5 | o6 | o7 | o8 | o9 | 1o | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21
06 Oct 2013 - kind to a fault.
Title: kind to a fault.
Pairing: layhan
Genre: angst/friendship
Rating: PG-13
Length: one-shot; 7,109 words
Summary: Yixing forces a smile despite his bruised hips and Luhan pretends like everything is okay despite crying himself to sleep every night because perhaps their incapability to be selfish does more than just destroy themselves.

( "It's not your fault, you know." )
17 Sep 2013 - 2 xinghan drabbles
† I Can't Sleep (Without You)
exo ; yixing/luhan | pg | drabble | 300wc
Yixing can't sleep so he decides to find his big brother, Luhan.

{ And you were being a big meanie, ignoring me.  }

† Challenge Accepted
exo ; fem!yixing/fem!luhan | pg | drabble | 700wc
yixing makes a bet with luhan stating that the latter could not go a day without kissing her. luhan accepts her challenge.

{ I bet you wouldn't last until the end of our double date with Baekhyun tomorrow without kissing me. }
Title: City of Broken Stars (2 out of ?)
Fandom & Pairing: exo, kai/sehun (jongin/sehun), lu han/lay (lu han/yixing)
Length: ~1.4k, second chapter
Rating: pg
Genre: fantasy, drama, romance
Summary: Sehun, a ordinary 17 years old male's not-so-simple-but-still-simple life turns up side down when he discovers that he's not really whom he ought to be. (the mortal instruments au)

|| jongin x yixing, luhan x yixing, jongin x sehun | pg | humor, friendship, underlying romance ||
warning: #HowToGrammar \\ disclaimer: copyright infringement not intended
summary: round and round we go, where we stop, nobody knows.

He tries it nonetheless, muttering repeated confessions of love under his breath, as he waits nervously for the device to do a Jesus and rise up from the dead.

a/n: layhan doesnt appear till scene 2.
08 Aug 2013 - drabble
4minute → jiyoon
Rating: pg-13
genre: fluff
inspired by the song "kiss me", by Ed Sheeran.
~450 words.

settle down with me, cover me up, cuddle me in
23 Jul 2013(no subject)
Title: Merrily we fall (out of line)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Luhan/Yixing
Genre: Romance
Summary: Yixing always wanted to sing with Luhan as well (high school-au).

(First of all you should know Luhan.)
Title: a letter written in regret.
Pairing: layhan
Genre: friendship/romance/angst
Rating: PG
Length: one-shot; ~2,500 words
Summary: There are two different kinds of love, Yixing supposes. The trouble is discerning one from the other.
Note: Companion piece to “neverland’s will.” It’s recommended that you read that before this.

( "i wonder, lu. can you hear me?" )
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